Monday, January 31, 2011

Nail Polish Attack!

So a recently aquired obsession of mine is nail polish. It's all Zoya's fault, really! See, they had this amazing promotion... 3 free bottles of nail polish? Okay! That's where they get you. My cart went from 3 to 5... Then another order for 5.... Top and base coat.... and the wish list continues to grow! It's dangerous, I tell you! Then, all these girls started posting these cool manicures using Konad plates... And so it began!

I have officially placed myself into Zoya Rehab until my birthday in March. I will not buy anymore until then! I did manage to get a pretty good haul though...

Top: Sarah, Alegra, Raven, Trixie, Marley
Bottom: Midori, Charla, Ki, Dannii, Yasmeen

They have such gorgeous colors! Charla is definitely one of my favourites... I feel like I have Essence of Mermaid Scales on my toes! And the wear power on this stuff is amazing... I'm the kind of girl that can't keep polish on my fingers for more than 6 hours... and I just took Yasmeen off of my fingers after almost 4 days with ONE CHIP! WOAH!

Now for the pretty manicures! My first venture with Zoya was Marley. She's a gorgeous new color from the Intimate Collection for Spring 2011. A pretty soft lavender with a little hint of pearly shimmer. 

Marley, stamped with Dannii and Raven.
Not bad for my first Konad, I think! (well, Bundle Monster.... I didn't have my Konads in yet.)

Next, I played around with Raven and Trixie. I love stamping with Trixie... It turned out really well!

Then, Alegra and Raven:

I didn't like this one as much. Gorgeous up close, but it just muddled together from a-far. So, I re-polished with Yasmeen and Trixie!

Much Better!
I kept Yasmeen for awhile... almost 4 days, as previously mentioned. I'm still amazed that I actually kept polish on my fingers for that long! I am SO rough on my nails (or at least I thought I was...), and I wash my hands all day. 

Today, I opted for Marley again (so in love with this gorgeous color!) stamped with Dannii and Konad M73. 

I love the way this turned out. I used Yasmeen for the butterfly accents... I'm wishing I used a different color, but I'm too lazy to redo the whole nail. Ah well, live and learn, right?

I hope you enjoy the pretty-ness as much as I do... there will be much more to come!


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  1. Ya know... I didn't own a single Zoya until Neeka got on my case a couple months ago! Haha... now the stash is steadily growing :)


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