Sunday, February 27, 2011

No new nails today, but.....

I have to share my giddiness!

I ordered GOSH Holographic from eBay! (Found it for a surprisingly good deal!) AND, I caved and bought Nfu-Oh #063 and #066. (Pink and Green holo! Ordered from I can't WAIT to get them and play! I'm in love with the look of holographic polishes... I wish they were more accessible in the US! I know the Tronica collection is going to be readily available soon, but it just doesn't compare to Nfu-Oh... or even the OMG collection from 'o8 (of which I currently have 2.)

I really shouldn't have bought them, but I brought my lunch all week last week, so I pretty much broke even! It was like a reward to myself. :)

Til my next mani....



  1. Oh, I am so jealous! I still don't have any Nfu Oh's myself and no chance of getting Tronica's either as they will be available only in the US :(

    I can't wait to see your next mani! :)

  2. I've been looking at Tronica swatches, and they're just not as Holo-ey as I'd like them to be. They're more scattered, and I like linear ones.

    What country are you from? We could do a swap!

  3. I like both types of holos. I live in the Netherlands (half an hour drive from Germany) and I am from Finland originally so I have the access to polishes in all 3 countries (just not always right away). We could do a swap yes!

  4. Ooooh, I'll just come visit!! haha One of my husband's favourite countries to visit is Germany... he keeps promising to take me. His family lives outside of London, so he gets to travel all over. I believe our next trip will be to Italy! (I can't wait!)

    Let me know which Tronica's you want... I'll see how many I can get a hold of!

  5. Ok, I will have a look and mail you.

    Italy is lovely! I have visited many places there and also stayed one semester in Italy when I was studying. I also speak Italian :)

    I am just curious why your husband wants to visit Germany? Is there some special place there that he wants to visit?

  6. He's been many times! He loves to travel everywhere. He speaks fluent German and is always eager to practice, Haha. His most recent traveling escapade was summer of 09... I believe he went to 9 different countries! He sent me 23 post cards while he was gone!

  7. Wow nice! If you ever come to the Netherlands, let me know! :)


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