Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sister Nail Day! Zoya Yasmeen, Trixie, & Ki

My sister is here today! We had a Girls Night In at Jess's house last night with my other friend Dana... We had pizza, cheese-stuffed potato balls, wine, and ice cream! We played Guesstures.... "I'M STROKIN' A WALL!" We also had a prom dress fashion show... I only need to show you one picture to explain.

Need I say more?

Anyway, this morning, my sister and I had a nail day! She participated in Zoya's 3 Free promo as well... her choices here Delilah, Pru, and Gilda. She wanted to play with my Zoya, so I did her nails! She chose Yasmeen and Trixie, stamped with Konad M64.

Pretty! I might have to steal this one for my own nails. :)

I decided to play with Ki again today. Ki was the first Zoya I tried on my fingers (on my toes first was Dannii)... She's so pretty! So many different colors... and so difficult to capture on  my camera! I took a few different pictures, some inside and some outside. I also stamped my ring fingers with China Glaze IDK... Holographic! I wish the holo would have transferred a little thicker... if anyone has tips on this, let me know!

I really do love the way this turned out, despite the Konad not coming out as BAM as I hoped it would. I really wish I could find a way to capture all the colors of Ki... 

I also took Charla off of my toes... Over a week and still as beautiful as day one! I just HAD to plat with my China Glaze... so I did IDK on my toes as well. I am so obsessed with this... Hey Zoya, please make me some Holos! 

SO FREAKIN' COOL! Like a rainbow on my toes! I'll be keeping this one for awhile! 

Enjoy! :)



  1. Omg I've never wanted to stare at toes so much haha. I'm jealous of your new CGs!! I love both the manis too. And I think you can totally see the ring finger pattern, but I guess it's only a bit holo-y.

  2. Thanks! You can definitely SEE the ring finger pattern, but it looks more silver-y. When you're in dim light (my bathroom) or outside, you can see it better. It's not as bright as some of the CG holo konads I've seen... I will figure this out!

  3. This post made me really homesick and missing my best friends back home...wish I could have such a fun day with my best friends too. I probably won't be going home until summer :(

    I love both manis a lot. I got some Konad plates today in the mail and I haven't tried my Ki yet either.

  4. Awww, summer isn't that far away! And you'll have a blast when you get there!

    Which Konads did you get? You will LOVE Ki... The colors! Light purple, dark purple, green, gold... it's beautiful!

  5. I've heard a bit about the holo polishes but this is the best view I've ever had of one. Super cool! A trip to Sally's may be in my future. ;)

  6. Good luck with that.. they're discontinued. I snagged 2 of them off of eBay. :D


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