Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow day manicure!

Yucky, funky SNOW! We have had way too much of it this year... since when does Tennessee get SNOW? Seriously! Usually, I have to drive to work the next day, but tomorrow, for one GLORIOUS day, I get to stay home! YAY!

So, of course, I celebrated with new nails!

Orly Winter Wonderland, stamped with Orly Black Vinyl and Bundle Monster BM14. I got Winter Wonderland on sale at Sally's last week, and I LOVE it! It's such a neat, flaky finish. Not quite glitter, but not quite flake... like snow on my nails!

I wish my drive home was just as pretty..... For those of you that wonder what un-plowed, un-salted roads look like:

It was really scary.... losing momentum while going up a hill on the interstate is NOT fun! I am SO glad I get to stay home tomorrow! :)


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