Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zoya Sarah + Zoya Trixie... Paisleys!

Ever since I did this painting at Sips n Strokes, I've been in love with paisleys. It's such a fun shape! So many possibilities! So when I saw the M60 Konad plate with the paisley design, I had to have it! And... What luck! It arrived today!

I started with Sarah today, one of my Zoya Threebies. (That word makes me giggle.)

Gor-GEOUS! This picture does NOT show how absolutely beautiful this color is! A deep, dimensional sparkly red... I think this is one of my favourite Zoya's so far! (Sorry for that middle funky cuticle... What the heck?)

I stamped today with Zoya Trixie.  (Surprise! She just transfers so well... I don't have any Konad polishes, and I don't think I'll get any... Zoya seems to work just fine.)

I had to take at least 15 pictures before I was happy with the way it turned out... So much sparkle! I may take another picture in the sun tomorrow (if we have any) to see if it turns out better... But I love this one! I was not disappointed in this pretty paisley design! I took this one of my right hand... The left one didn't turn out as clean. It helps if you clean the plates inbetween nails... DUH Amber! :)

Also, another DUH AMBER moment... I accidently deleted all of the comments on all of my blog entries. All at the same time. OOPS! So, show my blog some love, will ya?



  1. Love! And super cute painting you could totally sell :P.

  2. No way! I love this painting! It's one of my favs!

    There's a SnS open in Knoxville now... Next time you're in, I'll make a trip out there and we'll go! Super fun!

  3. I'm with Megan...LOVE the painting! I've never heard of Sips n Strokes but it sounds like sooo much fun. It looks like you're having a blast with your stamping, too. I know NOTHING about stamping and I'm afraid to research it. Just what I'd need...ANOTHER hobby to obsess over. ;)

  4. Don't look! You'll be obsessed! (Although Bundle Monster plates are cheap.........)

    Sips n Strokes is SO fun! I have a bunch of paintings I've done... I'll post them in the next few days. :)

  5. love that plate (I have it myself)!

  6. Omg I need more plates....

    And Kari - DO IT!


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