Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Haul and New Zoya Excitement!

Hey guys! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! :) I had an awesome birthday... I had a great dinner with my family and friends! My mom got me some super cute toe rings.... I will show them off another day! But for today, I give you.....

My birthday haul!! My sister took me to CosmoProf and Sally.... I got fun things!
China Glaze: Techno Teal, Laser Lime, Matte Magic (so tiny!), Electra Magenta, and Virtual Violet

OPI Designer Series.... Opulence, Magic, and Radiance

My sister is the best! :D You've already seen me play with a few of these, and after St Patrick's Day, I'm going to play with them all! I already have Zoya Ivanka on my fingers.... I'll be adding more tomorrow after I finalize in my head what my plans are.

On another note, look what I got in the mail today.........

Yay!!! I can't wait to play with my Gosh Holographic

And in other news, have you guys all heard the hype about the new Zoya collections for Summer 2011?? I think Zoya is having tons of fun teasing us all on their Facebook fanpage..... But I think they made an OOPS and sent out some catalogs with Intimate promos.... that had pictures of the new summer collections! There's a cream collection, a shimmer collection, AND A MATTE COLLECTION! And let me tell you, these Matte's are like nothing you've seen... Amazing! You girls just wait.... you're gonna be DROOLING over these babies!

Have a great day! <3~



  1. Happy Birthday :) :)

  2. Glad you had a great birthday and wow, those are some lovely goodies. Sisters are awesome, wish I had one, lol. :)

  3. I actually think they did it on purpose, I mean send the catalogues. Look at all the talking that has created! Brilliant marketing, if you ask me! :)

    I wish I had such a close relationship with my sister too :) I am glad you had a lovely birthday!

  4. Hello, how are you?
    I'm Alessandra from Brazil.
    I love reading the news of your blog.
    I'm in love with a glaze. I love everything related to nails!
    As to your blog whenever I hear of news, I'd love to suggest a swap.
    Here in Brazil I can not find glazes that I see from your blog. Love, even without knowing the Sinful Colors, China Glaze polishes and OPI.
    I wonder of you accept the change?
    You send me a collection of China Glaze and a collection of OPI and I send you also two collections, the most coveted lines glazes here in Brazil which is the Risqué and IMPALA.
    What do you think?
    I am waiting for your contact.



  5. Amber,
    This is so funny, last weekend at Sally's I had picked up the exact same China Glazes. And earlier this week I had ordered the Matte Magic, should be here soon. I've only tried one of the Tron's so far. Happy Birthday!

  6. thanks so much for sending followers my way!! <33 && yay!! the rare gosh holographic polish!! Have you tried it out yet? Was it the polish you used for stamping on ur green mani? - My mom said she got me this polish for Easter and I am too excited to try it. <33


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