Saturday, March 19, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego

Thanks to my blogger bestie Megan at Painting Rainbows, I got the Color Club Keep It Undercover collection! It's a pretty collections of glitters and shimmers, all in blue, purple, and pink! I got bored with my Caitlin pretty quick... As pretty as it was, I'm a glitter girl through and through! I decided that my very first ever Color Club manicure would be Alter Ego.

The color on this is so hard to capture! It's a purple, it's a grey... sometimes it's even brown and gold and green! Gorgeous! It makes me think of Zoya Ki, if Ki was a glitter. This is 3 coats of Alter Ego, and a coat of Seche Vite. For a glitter, it turns out gorgeously opaque... I'm used to either 4 or 5 coats for semi-coverage! Apparently I've been using the wrong glitters for all my life. Zoya, OPI, and Color Club are all winners!

I stamped with one of my Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens in Chrome Green, using my Bundle Monster BM04

Speaking of Bundle Monster, did you hear they're releasing a new set of plates? 25 this time, all new images, with BIGGER FULL NAIL IMAGES! They will be similar in price to the first set, and should be available next month. The first set will still be available as well. :)

Also, make sure you have your account on! If you don't have one by Sunday at 6PM est, you can't partake in the new delicious promotion! I can't wait!!


  1. I did my friends nails in this color a few days ago and it's really awesome!

  2. It really is!! It's blingy and pretty, but toned down just enough that you don't flag people down with your nails. :D

  3. thanks so much for the follow!! I LOVE this color!! && I had no idea bundle monster was coming out with more plates!! I'm sooo excited! Idk if I can wait a whole month lol<33

  4. You're so welcome, and thanks for the follow back! I love it too... it doesn't look as great in the bottle as it does on the nail... On the nail it really comes to life! I just ordered Revvvolution on Ebay... I can't wait til that comes in!

    If you look on their facebook fan page, they have 2 teasers.... I can't wait!! They will announce it there first when they're available.... I will be stalking it until that day comes!!

  5. OMG this Bundle Monster news has me just giddy! This mani is really cute!


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