Sunday, March 20, 2011

Color Club Haul at Ross! Plus a mistake..?

My mother in law is in town! Hooray! She is fun... she loves to sew and loves crafts! We went shopping today at Old Navy and Ross, and of course after hearing that Color Club collections are common at Ross, I had to check! Here's what I found!

The Electro Candy collection! These colors are MAD neon... but also SHIMMERY! I can't wait to play with these... Maybe a rainbow water marble? Or scotch tape rainbow rays? Excited!

And the Wild at Heart collection..... wait, what? Let's take a closer look. 

Yes, that's right. Glitter Vixens polishes in Wild at Heart packaging! I didn't even realize until I got in the car... I  thought something looked weird! It's the complete Glitter Vixens colection in the wrong package. I thought at first maybe just a few bottles were switched (I wasn't too familiar with all the colors in the collection), but it's all of them! So, my hunt continues! I will admit, I laughed!

I can't wait to show these to you all! :)



  1. LOL!

    I have been wanting to get that Ultra Violet from the Electro Candy collection. You can do some fun summery manis with those colours for sure!

  2. ugh I was about to cheer for you! I'm looking for some of the colors holo of course 2 are in that collection! but still some pretty awesome colors!

  3. can't wait to see the glitters! CC has awesome glitters

  4. Nice! I bet that's why Ross had those polishes in the first place b/c of the wrong packaging!

  5. Well I love glitters so I wouldn't mind!! Would love to know if they're opaque. Glad to know your Ross had them! I got you liking Color Club :D :D.

  6. I will swatch these for you ladies ASAP! :)

    @Amber; It's weird because all the other collections seemed to be as normal... Just these were weird! I don't mind, though. :D

  7. I picked up the Electro Candy collection at Ross a few months ago, I still haven't tried all of them, but Ultra Violet is AMAZING!

  8. How much were the sets at Ross?

  9. I loved my nails marbled with Electro-candy. They were so yummy. :D


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