Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sinful Colors Let Me Go + Zoya Snow White (And a friend's give-away!)

Ok, so I lied. I couldn't go 2 days without doing my nails. Pathetic, right? No? I knew you'd understand!

Sinful Colors "Let Me Go" + Zoya Snow White tips, with flash

Natural light.

I picked up Sinful Colors Let Me Go at Walgreens about a month ago, but this is the first time I played with it! It's gorgeous in the bottle, but unfortunately, it doesn't transfer that gorgeous lavender irridescent pearly goodness to the nail as opaquely. I still love it, but it is VERY sheer. This is two coats. I have yet to try layering this with any of my other colors, but I've seen some pretty cool effects! I added white tips with Zoya Snow White, a beautiful white cream. Please mind the messiness... I literally did this in the dark (only TV light) at 1 am. Also, ignore the blue weirdness in my cuticles. You can thank Claire Mood polish for that one! I thought I got all of it off, but apparently I was wrong, and it's now locked underneath.

I really need to invest in Konad M19... I'm not too great at free handing tips. That has to make it easier, right?

How many of you got in on Zoya's Get Your Green On Promo? 3 beautiful green polishes for $5? You don't have to tell me twice! Apparently, Zoya-ddicts are no joke, because this promo sold out IN 2 HOURS! I'm so glad I got in quick... I think I'd have died if I missed it! I don't have Suvi, Shawn, or Ivanka, so I was thrilled! I can't wait to get them and show them off to you guys!

One last thing... As a friendly heads up, my good friend Megan has a wonderful blog, Painting Rainbows. A little birdie told me she just reached 50 followers, and is going to be having a HUGE give-away soon! You should head over and follow her so you can get in on the awesomeness!



  1. If you layer Let Me Go over black or white it looks awesome.. just swatched that this morning to post later. try it out!

  2. Ooh! Layer it over Zoya Caitlin!!! You don't have Kelly do you?

    And thanks for mentioning my giveaway!! It is totally live now and I already have 75 followers!!!!

  3. I think I would also try layering with that polish, I bet you will find some awesome combos that way!

    Well, living in Europe, I of course couldn't take advantage of the Zoya promo but luckily I already have Suvi and Shawn anyway.

  4. I think I'm going to do a fun swatch day tomorrow, and layer it over 10 different polishes. I layered it over Jolene on Jessica's toes, and it was beautiful! So, I will layer over Raven, Snow White, Caitlin, Jolene, Dana, Robyn, Pippa, Jancyn.....


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