Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ten Zoya's with Sinful Colors "Let Me Go" ~ Layering fun!

As I promised yesterday, I played around with "Let Me Go" and a bunch of fun Zoya colors! (Also, be proud of me! I added pretty text! :D )

Here are the 10 Zoya beauties that will be playing with us today. This is exactly 1/2 of my Zoya collection.

I painted one on each finger. I did 2 coats of Pippa and Snow White.

And now, the fun part! One coat of Sinful Colors "Let Me Go" on each finger.

I LOVE how Let Me Go can transform any polish into a pearlescent beauty! I especially love how it looks on Raven, Snow White, Jancyn, Jolene, Caitlin (thanks for the suggestion, Megan!) and Dana.

Then, I went almost-outside (I am NOT setting foot outside today... it's way too wet, gloomy, and cold!) to show how pretty they look without a flash. Unfortunately, there's no sun today... but I think you can get the point!

At $2, Let Me Go is a great cheap and versatile addition to any collection! (And they're Big 3 Free too... that helps!) You can pick it up at Walgreens.

Goodbye for now... I have a date with Remove + and cotton! Stay tuned though... I layered Robyn with Sally Hansen HD DVD on my toes yesterday, and I'm so in love that it's going on my fingers too!



  1. I like the same ones as you :) Plus Perrie :)

  2. Caitlin is totally the best of the bunch with this combo! Perrie is my second fave!

  3. Caitlin looks so cool... really shows off the green in LMG. It was a fun project!


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