Monday, March 21, 2011

Wacky Tacky Day Polka-Dot Electro Candy Skittle-cure!

Hi friends!

I work at an Orthdontist, and sometimes we have theme days.... We have to dress up, and encourage our patients to do so as well! The last theme day we had was "Decade Day", and we had to pick a decade to dress up as! I picked the 50s, because I actually had a dress that worked!

It's a dress that I picked up at a vintage store called "Flashback" in Nashville.... I ended up winning the contest! (Our patients got to vote on the best costume from the staff.) I happen to love dress up days. :)

Our next theme is Wacky Tacky Day, and I can't wait! I have quite an outfit ready..... But of course, what kind of nail polish addict would I be if I didn't do my fingers to "match"?

I decided to use my new Color Club Electro Candy collection!

There isn't a color I don't like from this collection! They are all gorgeous... even the yellow, which I was weary about! My favourites are Pure Energy (blue), Ultra Violet (purple), and Electro Candy (Pink). Volt of Light (yellow), Tangerine Scream (orange), and What a Shock! (green) are all gorgeous too... I just can't get enough of these! The shimmer just gives it a little something else.... They are so vibrant and beautiful! Even my mother in law approves!

Of course, this wasn't anywhere close to "wacky" or "tacky" enough, so I added dots with my new dotting tools!

That's more like it! :D

Also, here's a sneak peak of my skirt, that I'm wearing over my plaid shorts and different color (polka dotted and striped) socks:


I will post a picture of the full ensemble when I can! :D



  1. Wow thats so fun! I hope I am lucky enough to someday have a job with themed dress up days, haha =)

  2. @christina: girl, coming from you, that's a compliment! Thanks!

    @anna Elizabeth: it really is a blast! And the patients think its funny.

  3. The nails and the skirt are perfect match! I can't wait to see the final Wacky Tacky Amber!

  4. Yes I want a picture of the whole outfit! Super cute nails! I don't think they're nearly tacky enough :P.


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