Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winner #3 is.... Phoebe from ModMatte!

The votes were VERY close.... Miss Phoebe was bumped out of the running for #2 at the last second yesterday, and was almost bumped out of the running today as well! I was so excited to try this little lady... This is my first ever matte polish! (not counting Matte Magic)

All I've ever heard about matte's is how incredibly fast they chip. I have heard that the "sandwich method" works well to help extend the wear, which means matte polish + top coat + matte polish. For this, I used 2 coats of Phoebe, and then one coat of Zoya Armor. You can't really see it in this pic, but Phoebe definitely needed 3 coats... she was just a bit patchy after the second coat. But, I'm telling you... Shimmery matte's with a top coat is dreamy!

Then, I added one more good coat of Phoebe, and it was matte perfection!

The color on Phoebe seems to be very similar to Zoya Robyn.... I will most likely do a comparison to share with you all sometime later today, as I'm removing. ;) If it's very close like I think it is, it will be fun to do Robyn with Phoebe tips!

As of now, I'm deleting the current poll so I can remove Phoebe and Apple from the running. The votes that I have tallied so far will still stay in my notes, and will be used in the totals. That way, you guys have no idea which is actually winning! :) I hope you guys are enjoying the voting as much as I am.... I think it's fun!

Go get your vote on!



  1. Yay! :) Phoebe looks gorgeous! I'm excited to try it out soon because I've never had an actual matte polish before. Thanks for sharing Phoebe with us! :)

  2. You're welcome! :D I knew you'd be excited about this one! I definitely recommend "sandwiching" it with a top coat.... it seems to last longer! I have no chips yet, which is impressive because from what I hear, Matte polishes chip easily and I chip nail polish QUICK! I've had it on since last night, and nothing yet!

  3. Thanks for showing us Phoebe! :) Looks great, although I do like it with a top coat as well. Can't wait to see more!

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