Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoya BOGO on Summertime, Sunshine, and ModMatte collections!

YAY YAY YAYYYYYY! Zoya has done it again! Buy one get one? Yes please!

Granted, it was a pain in my rear that I had built my cart with normal colors, so I had to remove them and add the new ones, but I'll live! I get NEW COLORS!

I ordered Tanzy, Apple, Faye, Breezi, Mira, Kieko, Areej, Lolly, Mitzi, and Phoebe. I also threw in Isla and Crystal for good measure, to bump the order over $55 so I could get $2 Expedited shipping. Plus, it's my birthday money! I get to decide what to buy, amirite?

For more details on this limited time only BOGO, see Zoya's Blog.... and for swatches, see Templatia! SunshineSummertime, and Mod Matte.

My little Zoya Pixie friends, what did you order?


  1. i ordered faye and rica.. nothing else really caught my eye :(

  2. I went with Apple, Faye, Breezi, Keiko, Phoebe, Lolly, Reva, Sookie, and Areej. Then I added Hayden, Zara, Jancyn for good measure.

  3. I got Apple,Faye, Rica, Kimmy, Tanzy, Lolly, MItzi, and Phoebe! Thanks for posting the swatch/review definitely helped me pick out what I wanted...and then some! haha

  4. I got Faye, Apple, Rica, Mira, Breezi and Kieko. I am so excited about this promo, and can't wait for my new colors to arrive :) I had such a hard time narrowing my list because they are all amazinggg!

  5. I just ordered Rica and Mira- those were the only two that I really had to have. But still, ten bucks for two high quality polishes with shipping?! I can live with that!

  6. I ordered Faye, Kimmy, Phoebe, and Areej :))


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