Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zoya Robyn + Sally Hansen HD DVD

I bought Sally Hansen HD DVD about a year ago, and I was slightly disappointed. It's SO sheer, so it doesn't carry to the nail as sparkly-gorgeous as it does in the bottle. I had 4 coats of this on my toes once, and it was still lack-luster.

I had the idea yesterday to layer it over Zoya Robyn, and I wasn't disappointed! If someone threw a thousand gallons of glitter at the sky on a sunny day, this is what it would look like. I. Love. It! 

First, Robyn:

I love Robyn SO much! She's such a gorgeous bright sunny sky blue! Applies smooth as butter.

Then, I added Sally Hansen HD DVD.

 I didn't like the way this picture turned out.... the streaky weirdness doesn't show on the nail at all! I guess the flash was the enemy on this one... because natural light, even without the sun, made it look so much prettier!

I can't wait to see how beautiful this is when the sun finally decides to show itself! This mani made this rainy day a bit brighter for me. :)


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  1. We have been a nice sunny day here all day. Not really warm but sunny anyway. Love it!

    I love blue! The mani looks really nice and I am sure it looks even better in the sun :)


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