Friday, April 22, 2011

Follower's Pick: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

Is it already Friday again? I'm definitely not complaining... I get 3 days off!! Hooray!

First off, I got my second swap package from my friend Kati on Wednesday! She gets me so many cool polishes.... I feel like the polishes I'm sending her are so inferior!

From top to bottom: World Inspired Colors by Herome "Kingston", Essence "Mystic Mermaid", Teeez!  "Cool" & "Smooth", Essence "Hello Holo", Catrice "London's Weather Forecast", "Dirty Berry", "Forget-Me-Not", "Purplelized", and "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night"

Look at that holo!!
So pretty! I can't wait to swatch these for you!! She also sent me a bunch of candy..... There's these tasty coffee candies! Mmm~

Anyway, on to your pick! This week, you chose China Glaze Lemon Fizz! Now, I gotta say, I am LOVING this light box! I took THREE pictures of this.... and it's the three I used! Love it!

Lemon Fizz is a pretty pastel yellow cream. Now, as is typical with yellows, it was a bit streaky, although I will say that this was easier to apply than Zoya Pippa. This is FOUR coats, plus base and top coat. Three was almost sufficient, but I still had a few patches. As funky as it was, I love this color! So bright and springy!

I finished this manicure with a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, which I received as part of my prize from Chloe's Nails' give away! (This mani's for you, Megan!)


  1. Lemon Fizz is gorgeous. I ALMOST got this color last night at Sally's Beauty Supply but then I put it back and picked up Re-Fresh Mint instead.

    And those swap goodies look great! Catrice's London's Weather Forecast is so pretty, I have that one too!

  2. I can't wait to see them all on you! And don't worry, I love what you get for me!

    I have been thinking of getting Lemon Fizz too. It looks gorgeus!

  3. Thanks Gennie!

    @Minty; I can't wait to play with LWF.... Such a pretty dark grey!

    @Kati; I'm glad you like them! I have better stuff coming with the next one... your Tronica's and the Sinful Colors flakie!

  4. Hey...How do you work the light box? do you use a flash, no flash? is the camera in the box too?
    I'm thinking of making one...I have a nail blog too, thanks to all of the other nails bloggers out

  5. When I have the light on overhead, I have the flash on Auto, but it doesn't flash. I also take pictures with the over head light off and the flash on to get glitters and flakies to show. I have the camera slightly inside the opening of the box. It's definitely a useful little thing!

  6. I like that a lot and I'm not a fan of yellows, at least on me, I think I'm too pale. I have one that I used today in a skittles mani using lighter colors and it's not too bad. It's Sinful Colors Unicorn. Do you know if it's close to the CG you used?

    I sweet talked my hubby into making me a light box out of 1"x1" wood. I'm a klutz and I don't think a cardboard one would survive me. lol I'm trying my hand at blogging and so far my pics are pretty awful. I'm trying REALLY hard not to ask him every day when he's going to make it! lol

  7. Awe thanks! For the tips too!

  8. Ooohhh, aahhhh!!! So which one do you like better, SH or Nubar?


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