Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Operation DIY Light box! and Color Club Wild At Heart

Hi lovies! I have lots of treats for you today! Firstly, I got my package today from Erika from Chloe's Nails! I was the second give-away winner, so I got to choose from 4 lots of polishes! This is what I chose!

China Glaze Party Hearty, Justice Mood pink/purple, Sally Hansen Hidden Tresure, Sally Hansen Night Lights, and Jesse's Girl Confetti
 They are all SO pretty! Now that I see JG Confetti up close, it looks like a close match to SH DVD, so I'll be doing a comparison soon. But.... Look at the holo in Night Lights!!


Now, most of you probably saw this on my facebook, but of course, I gotta share it here too! After 3 months of frustration taking pictures, I finally made my own lightbox!

I started with my box that my last Zoya order came in (the one with all of the Remove +.... I am set for AT LEAST 3 years! lol)... and I cut all of the wings off.
Note Arwen's kitty fort in the background. :)
Next, I cut squares out of three sides of the box, measuring about 1.5 inches from the corners. As you can see, Arwen was very concerned about the quality of my work.

Mocha even stopped by to give his sniff of approval!

Then, using an old white sheet, I hot-glued fabric to the inside of the box, covering all of the square holes except the front one (which is the hole I put my hand in). I taped a piece of poster board to the inside of the box, curving from the top back edge to the bottom front corner. Lastly, I glued a square of sheet over the top of the box, where the wings used to be.

Then, I hooked up my FULL SPECTRUM (*This part is important*), and....

*angels sing!*

It's done! The whole project cost me less than $4. :)

Here is the first picture I took inside my new photography studio. Please mind the hot glue damage. 

Yes, the polish is mutilated, but the lighting is gorgeous! Then, I freed my fingers from the horror, and polished on Color Club Wild At Heart! Keep in mind, these pictures are not the best... I'm still getting the hang of taking them in the box. Also, the holo did NOT want to come out and play.... :( Still GORGEOUS, though! The first picture is outside of the light box...

The last one is my fav... the lighting turned out so soft and pretty!

Also, WHY did no one mention that WaH is a ONE COATER! Yeah, these pictures are one coat. I added a second later for good measure. :)

Overall, I am so happy with the way my box turned out! I feel like I can get more color-accurate pictures now! :D I think I am going to get a different kind of light though.... like a clip on one?

One more thing, just for shiggles I did a comparison between Wild at Heart and China Glaze Virtual Violet!

As you can see, WaH is a bit darker, but they have almost the same amount/type of scattered holo, and the same finish. Not close enough to not want them both.... and WaH has a bit more red shimmer to it. :)

Get ready for Pink Wednesday tomorrow! 


  1. PARTY HEARTY! i tried, in vain, to find that last year, but to no avail :/

    LIGHT BOX! we actually have a real light box :)

  2. It will be so pretty for Christmas time! :D :D

    I <3 my cheap lil box. <3 <3 <3

  3. Ahh you are so brave and full of action...I've been thinking about the light box thing for like a year now. Still too lazy though. :(
    But yours turned out awesome!
    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that lamp?

  4. Awesome! I don't think I'm going to go all out like that... but a full spectrum light!- why didn't I think to use one?! I have one! Hopefully I'll get some better pictures soon! Thanks!

  5. Yay, I'm so glad your pretties all arrived safely and I love your light box!!

  6. All here safe and sound!! Thanks again, Erika!

  7. Great job on the light box, and congrats on winning the giveaway! :) I hear Hidden Treasure is amazing!!

  8. HIDDEN TREASURE?! Amber, I am so jealous!

  9. I am so making a light box now too!!
    What kind of fabric did you use?


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