Monday, April 11, 2011

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Hannah Pinktana

Okay, so I painted this on, and THEN after I took pictures, I realized I'd put it in my poll. LOL! It's okay... she wasn't going to win anyway.

Behold, the holo goodness!

Hannah Pinktana is an almost jelly-type pink-lavender base with very tiny holographic glitter. Gorgeous! Downside, it is sheer... this is three pretty good coats. I have no problem with that... it went on well and smooth... no streaking or dragging here! I love this color! The holo glitter shows up really well.... and for $2? Okay by me! There's also a blue shade called Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire... you'll be seeing it soon!

How do you feel about scattered holo's... Love em?


  1. I've been curious about this color for a while now. Thanks for posting pictures of it!!!

  2. OOH! I just posted pics of another $2 polish, Pure Ice in Strapless. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the glitter! I'm gonna have to hit Walgreens to see if they have the Hannah Pinktana!

  3. love 'em! may be layer this over black :)

  4. Pretty! I haven't tried any holo's yet. But I'm with you on the sheer thing. It doesn't bother me at all. I know a lot of bloggers are like "Omg visible nail line!" but I actually kind of like that effect occasionally.

  5. This looks great on you! Great swatches. I don't think I'll wear this, though :)

  6. Cute Color! And to think I had this in my hands and put it back! I bet it looks awesome layered over other colors as well

  7. Wow, not only is it gorgeous, but it's at an amazing price too! Wish it were like that in the UK!

  8. Okay, on my want list. I got this for you Kati, and now I need it for me lol.

  9. Wet 'N Wild Fast Dry's line also has two other colors that I love:

    Grey's Anatomy, which is a GORGEOUS purple-to-green duochrome

    Buffy the Violet Slayer, which is another GORGEOUS polish, a deep but bright purple that really does remind you of vampires.

    You should check those out!


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