Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoya Isla

Okay. These pictures make me mad. This color is GORGEOUS... but the pics went funky weird. I'll post 'em anyway because the color is pretty accurate, but I'm starting on my light box right after I finish this post! >:C

Zoya Isla with funky weird pictures.

See what I mean? >:C

Anyway, Isla is beautiful! Reminds me of a Coke can... or a Dr. Pepper can... somewhere in-between the two. :) Love love love! One of my patients called her "Professional.... more professional than what you usually wear.... but I really like what you usually wear! You know what I mean!" LOL <3

To the light box, batman!


  1. It looks really pretty! it sort of reminds me of NYX's Woman nail enamel.
    but I hate when things don't photograph correctly :P

  2. Very pretty! :) It looks gorgeous to me!

  3. i love isla!! :) does using a lightbox make a difference?

  4. I think it does! If you check out my facebook page, I made an album about it and posted a pic of Isla in it.... After i butchered Isla with hot glue, but that's besides the point!


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