Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amber and Sarah's Shopping Extravaganza!

I'm hanging out with Sarah from Samarium's Swatches this weekend! She is so much fun! I <3 her! She even brought me gifts!

China Glaze Electric Lilac, Ulta Bombshell, ChG Atlantis, Ulta Material Girl, ChG GR8
I already used Electric Lilac.... I will have pics for you tomorrow! AMAZAZING!

Her husband brought her to visit, so yesterday we went on a shopping extravaganza!! Poor hubby London was dragged along for  the ride... He was such a good sport! Even when......

Yes, we put a tiara on him. ;) LOL

Anyway, here's my haul for the day:
Finger Paints: All You Need Is Color, Peaceful Purple, and Where Art Renoir; Essence: I Like and Forget Me Not; Ulta: Green with Envy; Orly Minis: Velvet Rope, Luxe, Je T'aime, and Blue Belle; Runts Scented collection; and the $.99 Nicole by OPI: Bonfired Up! I also got a free mini purse with my 3 Finger Paints, an Ulta brush set with a big brush and 4 interchangable eyeshadow brushes, and some Organix shampoo and conditioner, and some Organix Moroccan Argan renewing oil.

I also got a purse and wallet from Charming Charlies! It's so cute!

Yay! It will work so well when I go to Italy at the end of May.... I needed a bigger one for on the plane! :D :D

Now, off to Walgreens for munchies!


  1. I can't wait for the pics of Electric Lilac, it looks so pretty!

    I am glad you all had fun!

  2. Nice haul and nice gifts too. Look forward to seeing swatches of your new acquistions.

  3. The China Glaze Atlantis is so nice! I want it!

  4. Wow! What wonderful goodies!!!!! Looks like you had a great time :)

  5. gorgeous polishes! love the tiara on her hubs. lmfao.

  6. haha Olivia he is a trooper, silly guy I always put him through stuff like this LOL


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