Friday, May 13, 2011

Follower's Pick: Zoya Adina!

Hey guys! Sorry this is a bit late.... Blogger issues, you know.

It was a tie this week! ALMOST 3 way... Savita lagged behind with 30 votes, and Akyra and Adina were tied with 33. SO CLOSE! I chose Adina for you today, and I promise I will show you Akyra in the coming week!

I took a TON of pictures of Adina, to show you her Duochrome personality!

Zoya describes Adina as a "violet metallic duochrome", and adds that "a frosty hint of green and magenta creates a unique 'oil slick' look." I always like Zoya's descriptions better than my own! This is 3 coats of Adina.... This is gorgeous! Another of Zoya's easy-to-wear colors... neutral enough to be office friendly, but with a POW of interesting!

In other nail news, I trimmed back my nails... they weren't too incredibly long, but I'm having issues with peeling. I picked up some OPI Nail Envy Sensitive and Peeling formula (at the suggestion of Cathy at Ask Cathy!), so hopefully this will help. I've been using (and raving about) Qtica's Nail Growth Stimulator, and it worked great for growing my nails out from my disastrous trip with acryllics, but I have always had peely nails. Hopefully, this is my long-searched-for solution! (And it's cheaper than NGS!!!)  I'll keep you updated!

Off to bed for me... Sarah from Samarium's Swatches and her husband (and possibly Megan from Painting Rainbows??!) are coming tomorrow!!



  1. I can't remember what I voted for but this is just beautiful!!! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Love the color!

    I would be freaking out if my nails started peeling. I usually use a good base coat for prevention, but I can't wait to hear how the OPI one works! I prefer OPI over the Essie that I'm using now and could always use something to combat potential peelies.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    @Reggie, I am kinda freakin' out! And I'm really bad about peeling them OFF. I know that's bad for them, but I just can't help it. And since I've started peeling at them, it's made it 10 times worse. I've heard great things about Nail Envy, and I started to get it one day, but them I saw that it had Formaldehyde in it, and because most of my polish is 3-and-4free, it probably wouldn't mesh well. I was pleased to see that the Sensitive and Peeling formula is Formaldehyde Free though, so I'm all for it. It was $16 at Ulta, but that's still cheaper than NGS, so I'm willing to give it a shot!

  4. Please keep us updated on how the OPI stuff is working on those peelies. I have the same issue (and I pick at them, too!).


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