Friday, June 17, 2011

Followers Pick Friday: GOSH Ocean

Hey ladies! This Friday, you've picked GOSH Ocean for me!

For this polish, Ocean is the perfect name... It reminds me so much of the sea! The finish has the feel of Mother of Pearl... It's got such a gorgeous, shimmery depth to it! The color was really hard to capture.... This picture is the ONE that I could get that showed it pretty accurately:

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any of the rest of my pictures to show up this well.

Here's the only downside to this gorgeous color: The formula was a BITCH. It didn't play nicely with my OPI Nail Envy, so I ended up having to do this mani twice. The bubbling was so horrible! The second time around, I didn't use a base coat. It was better, but as you can see it was a bit streaky. Was it worth it? Yes... but still a tad disappointing. Even so, I loooove this color, and I'm glad I picked it up!



  1. So pretty! I really need to add some GOSH to my collection!

  2. a beautiful color but i won't be able to try it if it is that difficult.

  3. It was tough, but looking at it today, it was totally worth it. It's gorgeous!


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