Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Megan's Guest Post: Pink Wednesday!

Hey guys! I’m happy to share a post with Amber’s followers while she’s away playing in European polish land. Please follow me at Painting Rainbows! I have a facebook page  too!

Happy pink Wednesday! I saw Cris’s mani from Let Them Have Polish and had to try one like it. She’s done quite a few cute dotty manicures!
 I started with Color Club Get a Clue, a light pink crème that has a touch of blue. I used some of the other colors from the Color Club Alter Ego Reveal Your Mystery collection for the dots: Sheer Disguise (blue), Revealed (peach), Give Me a Hint (browny purple). I started using my dotting tool, but I couldn’t get the dots big enough so I just used the polish brush. It so isn’t as cool as hers, but I’ll keep practicing :D.

 Outside shady, you can see more blue tings to the pink here. I guess this make it a cool color rather than warm? Still haven’t figured that stuff out….

Now I know this looks awful, but it didn’t in the other pics did it? Color Club sometimes gives me this problem where it looks really funky at first, but it always seems to work out in the end. It sort of self-levels most of the way, then a top coat makes it just fine. Again, like the smeary dots in my other pictures, it usually looks totally fine in person until you take up close pictures of it for a blog!

Thanks Amber followers! Stop on by my blog  for more of my stuff, my facebook page for fun nail polishing chatting, deals, and updates, and if you want to join our facebook chat page called Nail Polish and Gossip, please do! We post all sorts of nail things there like the latest deals and blog posts, and also chat about interesting things and get to know each other too!!!

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  1. Nicely done, sweet pea. I attempted dots exactly twice, once with a toothpick and once with a long thin nail art brush and bombed both times, lol. It's WAY harder than it looks. Your mani looks adorable though, despite the Color Club funkiness. ;)


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