Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cult Nails Swatches! Let Me Fly, Living Water, and Iconic

Hey guys! I have some gorgeous polishes to share with you today. I've been eyeing Cult Nails for awhile, but always resisted the $10 price tag. Well, last week she had a sale going.... all of the colors were $7.40. I had forgotten about it until I saw on the Cult Nails Facebook Page that one of the beauties I had my eye on was almost sold out! I high-tailed my butt over to the site and ordered 3. I couldn't pick just one to share with you, so I'm showing you all 3!

Let Me Fly: A beautiful dusty turquoise with silver shimmer throughout. Gorgeous, gorgeous.... did I say gorgeous? Perfect in 2 coats.

Living Water: A blackened navy-blue jelly base with blue and green glitter. This one is so deep and wonderful! It reminds me of stars reflecting on the surface of the ocean.... Mesmerizing! Again, flawless in 2 coats.

Iconic: Although it was a tough choice, this is definitely my favourite of the 3. A gorgeous berry pink-red with flakes and gold shimmer. It literally looks like a bottle of Nubar 2010 was added to this..... A flakie that's NOT a flakie! I love it! It glows like a fire! Again, a good solid 2 coater.

I am in love with these polishes! There are only 9 colors released so far, but more gorgeous beauties are on the way! Stop by the Cult Nails facebook page and give them a "like" for a chance to win a bottle of each of the 9 colors, once the page reaches 1000 followers! Tell her I sent you. ;)


  1. Hi Amber: Love these gorgeous colors on you. Love the polish and another wish list pick for me. Let Me Fly is so beautifully blue and love Living water...even Iconic...Love them all...I so much want to try the mani you did with the scotch tape and rays of color.


    George :)

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