Saturday, July 9, 2011

Follower's Pick Friday! FingerPaints Scotch Tape Rays!

Late again..... Hopefully this isn't becoming a habit!! I'm sorry.... I will be better next week, I promise!!

This week's poll was a tie between FingerPaints Amethyst Atelier and FingerPaints Artistic Azure.... So of course, I used both!

Amethyst Atelier on index, middle, and pinky, and Artistic Azure on thumb (not pictured) and ring accents. This is one coat of each!! I just love one-coaters. It seems that a lot of the FingerPaints cremes and shimmers are one coaters... I keep meaning to try stamping with them! Amethyst Atelier is a dark purple creme, reminiscent of Zoya Mira, but a bit darker. Artistic Azure is a cerulean blue shimmer... much like Zoya Tallulah.... but again, a bit darker.  I picked both of these up on clearance a few weeks ago at Sally's.

Then, I taped off my ring finger and thumb with teensy pieces of tape, and did a coat of Amethyst Atelier, to make little rays of color!

Love it! Scotch tape makes all things possible. :)

See you again tomorrow! <3


  1. The rays pop like crazy! I love it!

  2. LOVE the rays! those colors look awesome together :)

  3. (((Hi Amber:))) Little bits of scotch tape, I have to try this with the next or after than mani, LOL wow, they pop like stars in the universe. The colors are amazing and your nails always gorgeous and beautiful...Love your blog and can't wait until Sunday! yea!


    (((George :))))


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