Sunday, July 3, 2011

Followers Pick Friday: Zoya Michelle

I am SO SORRY that this is so late!! Life got in the way.... I promise that FPF will be on time next week! Here is Zoya Michelle!

I bought Michelle because it's one of my "names". My name is Amber Michelle Parker, so while most girls are lucky to have Zoya polishes of just their first or middle names, I'm lucky to have all 3! Michelle is described by Zoya as "deep, striking magenta-pink with frosty violet-blue duochrome shimmer". Of all of my name polishes, this is my favorite! It's gorgeous! I will have to feature this one in a Pink Wednesday post as well so I can do some pretty nail art over it. :)

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  1. Michelle is also mine and my daughters Middle names :) Thanks for showing this color, I haven't seen it before!

  2. Nice!! Reminds me of a lighter version of Essie Miami Nice...which I happen to be wearing right now.

  3. Hi,new follower here. I love the striking shimmer in Michelle.

  4. Hey Thalie! Thanks for following! Michelle is beautiful.... I'm glad she's a part of my collection!

  5. I have a Zoya for my first and middle name, but the first name is spelled differently :( Lucky!

  6. That color is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I wish they made a polish with my name :(


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