Sunday, July 3, 2011

OPI Not Like The Movies: Two versions! (Comparison)

Hey guys! I've been promising this for about a while, and I finally got around to doing it! I told you guys awhile ago that my awesome baby sister got me the "real" duochrome version of OPI's Not Like The Movies, from the Katy Perry collection. We all know OPI is infamous for this... they release multiple versions of the same color. (I'm lookin' at you, My Private Jet.... *ahem*)

Anyway, on to the pictures! If you'd like to see my manicure with the Silver version of NLTM, click HERE!

(Indoors: You can see the purple here!)

Just look at the difference! When you really look at them IRL, they are almost like 2 completely different polishes! The Duochrome version is much more sheer and the silvery particles are all consistent in size. In the silver version, there are larger silver particles, almost like glitter "flecks".

Here's the Duochrome version by itself.

I hope this helps! I'd been looking for a comparison of the two, and couldn't find one. Thanks to my baby sister for finding this for me!!


  1. I still don't know which one I have! It looks duochrome-y in the bottle, but the number on the bottom says it should be the silver one. Does the silver one have any hint at all of duochrome-iness?

  2. The second one I got looks MUCH MORE DC-y in the bottle.... It has green, purple, and some hints of gold. The other one I have just looks like a green-ish silver. Take a pic and upload it on Facebook? I'll see if I can help.

  3. It is such a bummer that they do that. I've not bought their polishes because I thought they didn't look "right". I'm glad I didn't try to find this one and just got one of the "dupes"

  4. that's lame that they do that. Glad I have the duochrome version though. i compared it to WnW Gray's anatomy. If you added sparse silver glitter it could be a dupe of the color, just not the formula :D

  5. Thank you for posting this. I got the Katy Perry minis and fell in love with this color. I bought it from Trade Secret and when I tried it on, I was like, where is the pink and purple? Now I see there are two versions and your post helped me buy the one I really wanted!

  6. Really glad to see this posted. I had discovered the 2 different versions very early on. Yet it just was not made issue of it seems in blogs, or I missed any discussion of which is entirely possible until now. Not sure how come OPI goofed with this. I do know it came about from the sell out of the entire Kati Perry collection in less than 48 hrs after release. OPI had obligations to meet and could not do so with what they had made in the original run. There was a difference also in the first Black Shatter runs as well with the 2nd run. I just lucked out and got the original duochrome. Thought it was so unusual that I happened to pick up 2 bottles. So hopefully this will be one down the yrs like the 'good' La Boheme. I thought the silver version was just a plain sliver polish. Thanks for the description that is has more to it than a silver metallic with nothing in it.

  7. I've managed to get my hands on the duochrome version and noticed that it has 4 symbols on the back wheras my sikver version only has 3. Are yours like this?


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