Saturday, July 30, 2011

Product Review: Salon Effects Pt. 2... One week later.

Hey! I'm sure you all saw my review of Sally Hansen Salon Effects... I just wanted to show you a progression of what they looked like until I took them off.

Here they are on Day 4. You can see slight growth starting to show at the cuticle line, and also a flaw in the ring finger cuticle line. The flaw is there in the original pictures as well... It came from tearing off the paper tab during application. But check out the tips! Very slight tip wear, and no chips!

Day 7. Lots of growth showing, and the flaw on the ring finger went nuts. I've been doing a lot of crocheting lately, and it snagged on some yarn. It was all down hill from there. There were small chips starting to form at the corners of my nail... but it was the growth that really started to bother me. So, they came off 3 days early.

Over all, I'm really surprised that these outlasted me. I'm SO hard on my nails (as I've mentioned before), so I just can't believe they held up as well as they did. Again, at $10, I wouldn't buy them all the time, but for my next vacation to Europe, you can bet this is what will be on my nails!


  1. I think it still looks amazing on day 7! Maybe not perfect but good enough to last longer than regular nailpolish.

  2. Mine were done on my toes and lasted about 3 weeks! I was amazed!

  3. @Claire: Thanks!

    @Spaceinvaders: Yeah, it would have been fine if I were on vacation! The truth is, I really just wanted to paint my nails!!

    @Dani; I was skeptical, but I'm definitely impressed at the staying power of these!!

  4. They held up pretty well. I think these would be a pretty good alternative to getting gelish polish before a would be less expensive for sure!

  5. Whoah that's seriously impressive - I have some shields coming to test out and hopefully I get the same level of quality from them.

  6. Still very nice! I think these turned out lovely.

  7. Ooooo, pretty! I've yet to try those! I just don't think I can bring myself to wear the same thing for that long ;p


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