Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zoya Pandora + A comparison!

Hey loves! When Zoya had their Free Ivanka and Charla promo, I got Charla and Ivanka for my sister, and 3 polishes for myself. I ordered Goldie, Parker, and Pandora. When I got the package and opened it, I actually frowned! Parker and Pandora were very similar! So, I decided to do a comparison!

Much to my surprise, they're actually not alike at all!

As you can see, Parker is more of a sheer-ish (I'd call it a 3) shimmer-y nude, where as Pandora is a more creamy shimmery nude (think the texture of Marley) with more of a pale pink undertone. So, alas, I decided to keep both!

And not only that, but I used Pandora in my manicure for Friday. As some of you may have read on my Facebook, I had a funeral to attend on Friday. My husband's sweet great aunt, Miss Ruby, passed away at the age of 97. Her funeral was beautiful.... and it was comforting to know that she chose her time. She has been sick on and off for a long time, but she was not in the hospital... she just told everyone that she was ready and that it was her time to move on.

I'm not much of a nude kind of girl (LOL).... I think you guys know that with all of the crazy colors that are always on my fingers. But, with that being said, I -love- Pandora! Gorgeous gorgeous! And applies like butter! And of course, some of my favorite things are named Pandora..... The music website that I love SO much and knows me better than I know myself, and of course, my Pandora bracelet! See?

My husband got my Pandora bracelet for me on our first Valentine's day, and hasn't stopped buying charms since! He's gonna have to get me another bracelet soon if he keeps it up! :)


  1. Hi Amber: What a small world I just learned about WWW.Pandora (dot) com and the music search engine just yesterday! Love your nails so gorgeous and beautiful; can't really decide which I love best Parker or Pandora. Love your blog and your Pandora charm bracelet. It is getting full.

    Too bad your bracelet is so beautiful, wish you could do a list of all the charms and what they mean...
    Georgey :)

  2. Pandora is really a pretty polish!
    Thanks for the comparison! I always enjoy this kind of post!!

  3. Pandora was the best one of the Touch collection!

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