Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zoya Rica + China Glaze Oxidized Aqua!

Well hello! Today, I have one of my most favorite polishes in my Zoya collection to show you.... Zoya Rica!

Zoya describes Rica as a "warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle". This color just GLOWS on the nail! Gorgeous! I got many a compliment on this one! It was perfect, of course, in just 2 coats. After a day, I topped it off with one of China Glaze's Metallic crackles, Oxidized Aqua.

Okay, so I'm guilty of absolutely loving crackle polish. I know a lot of you guys are sick of it, but it's freakin' cool to watch it happen! And I really do love the look of it. So there. Oxidized Aqua is the blue one of the bunch. I have to say, these crackle a lot better than the first of ChG's crackles. I'm not sure if the formula just got better, or if it's because I shook the absolute CRAP out of it. I don't know, but I will do a test later to see if shakin' makes the other crackles work better too.

Goodnight! <3 


  1. These metallic crackles are AWESOME. So glad I bought them :)

  2. Zoya Rica is sooo beautiful!! I;m glad it only took you 2 coats too sometimes sparkly shades can be so sheer and its hard to get the colour in the bottle!!

    Please check me out :) at

  3. I'm guilty of crackle lovin' also. I think the metals are a tad bit better with a thinner coat. Something about the formula is different. I'm just loving the metals. I got the aqua, pink, purple and copper.


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