Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Nicole by OPI You Go Girl + Sally Hansen Pink-y Ring

Hello! I missed you all! Sorry I have been quiet for the last few days... It's been a rough week for my family... But on to happier times!

I'm just squeezing by with my Pink Wednesday post for this week... We still have 30 minutes left of Wednesday, so it's all good!

For this week's Pink Wednesday post, I used my very first Nicole by OPI shade, You Go, Girl! It's a soft, baby rose pink.... Would this be a frost? Metallic? There's a shimmer to it, but no particles, per say. My brain won't cooperate to tell me what it's called, but you get the idea! This was 2 coats, topped with Poshe.

To spice her up a bit, I did a sort-of glitter gradient with Sally Hansen Pink-y Ring... A magenta glitter in a clear base. This is one from the LE line that I originally passed up, but picked up on clearance this week at Target for $1.74. 

with Flash
Slight problem with my bottle of Pink-y Ring... It's SUPER SUPER SUPER thick. Like, it's hard to pull the brush out and the polish gets stringy. I'm going to pick up a bottle of thinner at Sally's and see if that helps!

Happy Wednesday! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Orly Royal Velvet: REVISITED

Hello loverly followers! I was snooping around my old pictures last night, and I stumbled upon my post of Orly Royal Velvet... I remember how gorgeous upon BEAUTIFUL this polish, and how very frustrated I was trying to take pictures of it. I took somewhere around 40 pictures of it, and NONE of them sufficed. Looking back at them now, they're terrible. And this was pre-light box. So, today I decided to do a revisit. This is the first time I've reblogged about a polish since the beginning, but I think it's worth it.

Once again, the beautiful Orly Royal Velvet:

Outside, sunlight.
Outside, sunlight.

Inside, no lightbox, flash.

Lightbox, no flash.

Royal Velvet is a gorgeous navy blue/purple duo-chrome. My problem taking pictures last time was that no matter how hard I tried, I could NOT get the purple to show up... and this time, I succeeded! TAKE THAT, ROYAL VELVET! My, how my pictures have improved! This time I took..... 7 pictures. And every single one made it to this post. Huzzah! By the way, this is 3 coats, topped with Poshe topcoat (which is my new fav!)

I'm off to Target and a flea market.... Going to Target to try to find a nice dress and the new pretty Revlon glitters.... And flea market to try and find fun nail polishes! Wish me luck!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Orly Mineral FX Collection

Look what I got yesterday!! -dancedance- The brand new Orly Mineral FX collection! It's officially set to hit Sally's shelves on September 1st, but I have the hook up! Check out these beauties!

Rock-It: A beautiful red glitter with a maroon base. There are very subtle gold hints in the glitter, but not over powering. 2 coats.

 Emberstone: Orangey-coral glitter, again with subtle gold flashes. The name for this is perfect.... it reminds me of smoldering coals in a fireplace! 2 coats.
Rock The World: A reddish plum base with plum and gold glitter. This is the polish that everyone says reminds them of Zoya Faye. They are close, but very different. Rock The World is much darker than Faye, and the gold is much less in-your-face, so the purple comes out to play more. Definitely worth having both, and you ladies that weren't a fan of the WOWgold in Faye need to check this one out! 2 coats

Stone Cold: A bright, icy royal blue base with bright blue glitter. I love the finish on this one! It almost has a flaky-like look to it, but it's very obvious that it's a glitter.... I don't know what makes this formula different from it's sisters in the collection, but it's a good thing! 2 coats.

Rococo A-Go-Go: Darkened violet with purple and gold glitter. I love this one! So shiny! It reminds me of a Zoya.... Valerie? Jem? I'll have to do a comparison of the 3. 2 coats.

And now for the STAR of the collection.... and one I guarantee will become highly coveted! I took a zillion pictures of this one, because it SO deserved it... Rock Solid! Charcoal grey (foil maybe) with holographic sparkles! Check it out :)

By far my fave in the collection... Absolutely beautiful! I don't own anything like it!

As a whole, this collection rocks! When I saw teasers, I was interested in a few, but they're all gorgeous and worth having, in my opinion! And even better news? They're NOT $10 like the Galaxy FX was.... They're $7.99 a piece! :) Stalk your Sally's ladies, and save your pennies! You know you're at least going to snag a bottle of Rock Solid.

Which of these do you NEED? (Beause we all know, that like food, water and shelter, Nail Polish is vital to our survival.) ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Orly Fresh + Orly Flirty Scotch Tape Rays!

I was lucky enough to find a full display of the Orly Happy Go Lucky collection at the Sally's by my work earlier this week, and I couldn't wait to play with them!

For my fun mani, I decided to use Fresh and Flirty! Fresh, seen on my accent finger, is a vibrant lime green creme... So fun! It reminds me of a green screen! It took 2 coats to achieve opacity. Flirty is a bright bubblegum pink with a soft silver shimmer. Again, 2 coats.... Orly is great with their formula! I've never used an Orly I didn't love!

To finish off this mani, I used teensy strips of scotch tape to section off "rays".... Here's the finished product!

I love the way it turned out! I got lots of compliments... So fun! I love both of these colors so much! I can't wait to try the 2 other colors in the collection as well!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wet n Wild Silvivor, Rain Check, Wild Card Swatches and Review

Hey guys! I have some beautiful polishes for you today! Wet n Wild sent me a few colors to show you, and I can't wait to share!

Wild Card:  A shimmery mauvey-purple. Gorgeous coverage in 3 thin coats! I love this one!

Rain Check: Same shimmer as Wild Card, but in a dusty grey-blue. This one reminds me of the sky after it rains. :)

Silvivor: Another shade from the Fast Dry line... I just love these polishes! This one is a gorgeous foil silver. I have 2 dupes for this that I can think of off hand, but I'll keep it.... I love using silver for stamping!

I am really loving Wet n Wild polishes! Really unique colors, and a great formula. Plus, with a good base and top coat, I usually get at least a few good days of wear! You can find these colors and more at Walgreens!

So, here's the good news for you. I already had Rain Check and Wild Card in my stash, in my untrieds. I'm keeping the new ones, but the ones I already have are going to be given to one lucky follower! Please leave your Name, GFC name, and Email Address in a comment below to win both of these beautiful shades! You must be a follower to participate, and this give away is open to everyone! You have until Sunday, August 21 at 11:59PM to enter! Good luck!

*These products were provided to me by the company for review in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Super Sneaky OPI Give Away Winner (and Zoya Casey)

So, as some of you may have noticed, I pulled a fast one on you guys last week. Remember my post about the new OPI Grand Slam Duo? To see who was REALLY paying attention, I snuck a give away onto the end of that post! 51 wonderful followers entered (well, you're all wonderful and amazing!), and out of those, ONE person won a bottle of Love is a Racket and Pros & Bronze.... and the lucky winner is....


Congrats to her! She has already been contacted, and her new pretties will be shipped to her soon! Keep an eye out.... I may sneak in some other give aways! I think that's my new preferred give-away method.... It was super sneaky and fun! :) So I guess you guys will have to just read a little closer!

Now, on to the nails! Today, I have a Zoya that I have actually used before, but managed to not get a picture of.  Here is Zoya Casey!

Casey is a beautiful blackened-plum creme.... Perfect, smooth application, and flawless in just 2 coats! It was one of my very first Zoya's.... And my first ever "vampy" color! Won't be my last... I love this shade! Perfect for fall! :)

Have a great day! <3

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pastel Rainbow Watermarble + China Glaze Fairy Dust

Happy Sunday! I have a really pretty, fun manicure to show you guys today! It's been awhile since I did a watermarble, and Cris's guest post at Also Known As inspired me! 

For this manicure, I started out with OPI Nail Envy and 2 coats of Sally Hansen White On. Then, I did a marble with Sally Hansen: 
  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Mint Sorbet
  • Blue Me Away!
  • Lacey Lilac

After the marbling was done, I topped with 2 coats of China Glaze Fairy Dust. Rainbows AND Sparkles? Yes please! I'm still working on perfecting my marbling... and I was really disappointed when I smudged 2 of my favorite nails! My absolute fav's are my thumbs though.

How fun! I love the color combo. :)

Have you ever tried to marble? Link me to your blog post... I wanna see how it turned out!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

OPI Play The Peonies + I Lily Love You + Color Club Revvvolution

The other day, I went to CosmoProf with my baby sister! I was on a hunt for OPI I Lily Love You... I didn't find a full size, but I did get my hands on one of the mini sets! 

I was feeling girly today.... Here's what I came up with!

First, 3 coats of OPI Play The Peonies:

Play The Peonies is a super light ballet pink with pearlized shimmer. Love! I'll have to get a full size of this one...

Then, I added 2 coats of I Lily Love You:

Still on the hunt for a full size of this... It's to die for! Hot pink jelly base with iridescent glitter and flakies!

Then, I stamped with Color Club Revvvolution and Bundle Monster BM-210:

I love this! Revvvolution is going on my list of "Konad-able polishes"... It rocks! This reminds me of a girly rockstar peacock. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Rainbow of Wet n Wild!

Hello lovely readers! I decided to have fun today and break out some of my untried Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes... I made a rainbow!

Everybody Loves Redmond: A perfect tomato red creme. 2 coats.

How I Met Your Magenta: Bubblegum pink with a soft silver shimmer. I don't see Magenta anywhere in here.... call me crazy! 2 coats.

The Wonder Yellows: Slightly sheer yellow frosty jelly-ness... I actually love this! 2 coats... could have used 3.

Sage in the City: Frosty green.... reminds me a lot of Zoya Midori. Love! 2 coats.

Saved by the Blue: Gorgeous deep royal blue with soft silver shimmer. Highly pigmented. 2 coats.

Fuchsia Rama: Sheer-ish pink-purple creme. This one needed 3 coats... could have gone with 4. 

I love all of these! They all came from the infamous "Bukkit" that was released this summer... $10 for 7 polishes. The only one not shown here is "Teal or No Teal". I found one of these bukkits again the other day at CVS.... Maybe if you're lucky, you can still grab one!

Oh, and by the way, how many of you found my surprise? ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OPI Grand Slam US! Pros & Bronze and Love is a Racket swatches and photos!

Hello ladies! I got a press email about the new OPI Grand Slam U.S. duo the other day.... but then I got my pretty polished hands on it! So instead of showing you bottle shots and words, I'll just show you the swatches. Is that ok with you? And then, maybe.... JUST maybe... There might be a surprise. Maybe. ;)

Like all of the Grand Slam sets, this set consists of two polishes that look great alone, or layered over each other. This set includes Pros & Bronze, and Love is a Racket.

Pros & Bronze is a beautiful gold-bronze (gronze? tee hee) glitter. Completely opaque in 2 coats.... this one just glows! As you can see in the first picture, there are flashes of pink and red in  there as well.

Love is a Racket: I had a hard time capturing this one. It's a shimmering berry red/pink... Beautiful! It's definitely less orangey than my picture shows. It reminds me of Orly Razzle.

Layered over each other, these really come to life! This is what Zoya Rica would look like with a touch of red. Love them together!!

Now, let's see who REALLY pays attention. The surprise is, I have an extra set to give to you, my dear wonderful readers!

To enter, please comment below with your name, GFC name, and email address. You MUST be a follower to enter! This give away will end on Sunday August 14th at 11:59 PM cst. International entries are welcome! You are welcome to blog, tweet, or Facebook about this give away, although no extra entries will be given. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Good luck! ;)
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