Monday, August 1, 2011

New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear LE 2011

Hellooooo! I just wanted to share with you a recent conquest.... New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears! Now, tI didn't get all of them (GASP!)... There's a teal glitter, a purple glitter, and a Silver large hex glitter that I passed up on. I kinda still want the silver glitter.... We'll see. ;)

Midnight Sky: Pretty dark charcoal grey with silver frosty shimmer!

Very Cherry: Pink-Red with silver frosty shimmer.

Teeny Greeny Bikini: Soft sage green with.... Silver frosty shimmer.

Time To Shine: Gold. Silver shimmer. Yep.

Set the Stage: Large and small gold hex glitters. Think OPI Servin' Up Sparkle, but gold. Love!

Deep Blue Sea: Blue..... gah, forget it.

Pumpkin Spice: And now for something completely different! The only one in the collection that I'm not thrilled with. Weird orange-brown base with orange glitter. I'm going to try layering this to see if I like it better!

These LE's are nice, but Silver-Shimmer-Frosty across the board. They are nice, for sure! And it will be fun to marble with them! In case you hadn't heard, I -love- these for water marbling!!

Have a great night! :D


  1. I bought the Very Cherry and the deep blue sea, I can't wait for fall to wear them!

  2. This largely a foil finish collection!!! That's exciting! Also it seems like Sally's Midnight Sky might be similar to Chanel's Graphite (but maybe less glittery). I've been on the search for a nice dupe...

    ...I'm so cheap.

    Anyway, great pics! Also, a question: is this an LE for 2011 Fall?? (I assume with Pumpkin spice it might be...?)

  3. What a beautiful collection. Especially like the dark grey/silver, pink and green one. :)

  4. The Pumpkin Spice one? Wow. Just so not good. I love the name but the color is not pleasant at all.

    The rest of the collection seems good though. Very Cherry and Deep Blue Sea are my favorites based on your beautiful pictures!

  5. @Nail Designs; LOL you're better than me! I don't pay attention to seasons. I wear whatever. haha

    @Deja vu; Yes, I think it is for fall.... I don't remember if the sign said for how long or which season.

    @Olivia; Those are my fav's too!

    @Brynn; Yeaaah, that's how i felt about it. I'm going to give it another chance with layering before I give up on it.... I saw a beautiful swatch of it, but it's terrible on me.

  6. Oh my word I NEED several of these! LOVE the colors you picked out. I haven't tried my hand at marbling with this brand though - thanks for the idea!

  7. I want the blue one! Deep blue sea I mean!

  8. Set the Stage is my fav based on your pics! Thanks for the swatches.

  9. Midnight Sky is gorgeous! I've seen Pumpkin Spice layered over black and it looks incredible.

  10. Yay, I should be getting the blue one from Stacy :)

  11. I just bought set the stage, I have it paired with Zoyas LO and its beautiful!

  12. I need Set the Stage... I love it! Thanks for the great pictures!


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