Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Pink Wednesday: Wet n Wild Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire

Ever since I used Hannah Pinktana, I have been excited to play with Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire

Just like it's pink sister, Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire's formula is thin and jelly-like, but awesome! 4 coats, which sounds terrible, but I promise it's not. The coats go on thin and smooth and dry quickly, so application is a breeze. Very little VNL, and the holographic glitter just seems to float in the middle. I wish there were more colors like this... Maybe a green and a purple! Pick this one up at your nearest Walgreens for only $2!


  1. I have this in my untrieds. I really need to take it out and use it now!

  2. This looks so pretty. I dont think we have those in Canada yet

  3. That color looks much better on you than it did on me! Man almighty, I haven't even blogged it yet because I was kind of ashamed!


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