Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Nicole by OPI You Go Girl + Sally Hansen Pink-y Ring

Hello! I missed you all! Sorry I have been quiet for the last few days... It's been a rough week for my family... But on to happier times!

I'm just squeezing by with my Pink Wednesday post for this week... We still have 30 minutes left of Wednesday, so it's all good!

For this week's Pink Wednesday post, I used my very first Nicole by OPI shade, You Go, Girl! It's a soft, baby rose pink.... Would this be a frost? Metallic? There's a shimmer to it, but no particles, per say. My brain won't cooperate to tell me what it's called, but you get the idea! This was 2 coats, topped with Poshe.

To spice her up a bit, I did a sort-of glitter gradient with Sally Hansen Pink-y Ring... A magenta glitter in a clear base. This is one from the LE line that I originally passed up, but picked up on clearance this week at Target for $1.74. 

with Flash
Slight problem with my bottle of Pink-y Ring... It's SUPER SUPER SUPER thick. Like, it's hard to pull the brush out and the polish gets stringy. I'm going to pick up a bottle of thinner at Sally's and see if that helps!

Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. You know you could probably take that back - that's so thick you can see the lines! Super sad :( The color combination, however, is super nice though.

  2. Polish thinner should help - but the stringy thing - a bit troubling. Agree with above commenter - if you can still, take it back.

    OK yesterday was Pink Wed - now today start wearing your teal toes in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month all SEpt. Huge movement ongoing about teal toes - they have a web site and a FB page. Non commercial - all driven from the heart!

  3. I added thinner today and it now looks great!

    I am actually working on my TT post as we speak. :) I've been aware of it for some time. I have my teal toes cards ready! Thanks for the info ;)

  4. When I saw that first picture, I was like "dang it" ... I typically don't like polishes that are super light/show VNL. But I love what you did with the accent!!!


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