Friday, August 12, 2011

A Rainbow of Wet n Wild!

Hello lovely readers! I decided to have fun today and break out some of my untried Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes... I made a rainbow!

Everybody Loves Redmond: A perfect tomato red creme. 2 coats.

How I Met Your Magenta: Bubblegum pink with a soft silver shimmer. I don't see Magenta anywhere in here.... call me crazy! 2 coats.

The Wonder Yellows: Slightly sheer yellow frosty jelly-ness... I actually love this! 2 coats... could have used 3.

Sage in the City: Frosty green.... reminds me a lot of Zoya Midori. Love! 2 coats.

Saved by the Blue: Gorgeous deep royal blue with soft silver shimmer. Highly pigmented. 2 coats.

Fuchsia Rama: Sheer-ish pink-purple creme. This one needed 3 coats... could have gone with 4. 

I love all of these! They all came from the infamous "Bukkit" that was released this summer... $10 for 7 polishes. The only one not shown here is "Teal or No Teal". I found one of these bukkits again the other day at CVS.... Maybe if you're lucky, you can still grab one!

Oh, and by the way, how many of you found my surprise? ;)


  1. I think someone at HQ got their colours mixed up because How I Met Your Magenta & Fuchsia Rama look like they should be switched around :)

    Lovely post.

  2. The first and last polishes are named wrong is all I can see, and the other reason is the first poster. Otherwise you have beautifully painted nails, gorgeous.


    George :)

  3. i love the pinks they are so gorgeous

    shel xx

  4. I don't understand... I didn't label them wrong?

  5. I have fuchsiarama and it's definitely the last one where you said it was. :)

  6. You're making me want a bucket!

  7. WOW! These are amazingly pretty - esp for Wet & Wild which I tend not to go to because they are so picked over by the teens already when I do see them - and also the colors never seen 'right' for me most of the time. But a fun line to pick up a shade you would not want to spend $8 on a bottle of. I get it to sort of last on me with a good topper - usually Posh.

  8. Your polishes are named correctly...that's just the way WnW named them! I am in love with Fast Drys. best polishes ever! Just wait until you get Buffy, you'll be in love ;)

  9. YAY go buckit!!! my fae is how i met your magenta!!!

  10. I like the pink one, and this reminds me that I hate 90% of frosts.


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