Monday, August 8, 2011

The Reason I've Been So Quiet....

Hey lovlies!

I just wanted to say sorry for not posting so much lately! I had a CRAZY week! On Thursday, my best friend Jessica had her baby!! I was able to be there during her home birth, which was absolutely amazing! She was so awesome... It was a life changing experience! I am so proud of her, and baby Carter is beautiful!

I've also been in the process of setting up an Etsy shop! I've really gotten into crochet lately, so I've been making baby hats and amigurumi (little crochet animals). Check it out!

Baby girl hat!


Elephant butt!

Baby turtle!

Newborn Cryffindor Earflap Hat

Newborn Striped Flower Beanie

Newborn Green and Brown Earflap Hat


Hopefully, this can become a source of extra income when I have a baby and stay at home. :) 

If you're interested in prices of any of these items, please shoot me an email! I can make much more than this... this is just what I've finished so far! How do you think I'm doing? I can't wait to show you the baby zombie bunny!! ;)

Nails tomorrow, I promise!


  1. That turtle! My cute-alarm just went nuts :P
    I think it all looks great, I recently did a bit crochet (catnip stuffed mice for my cats) but that looked a lot easier, so well done I'd say :)

  2. Those hats and animals are absolutely adorable!!!

  3. I am SO impressed! I love crocheting too! I do baby hats that are like animals. Are you on Ravelry? It is such a cool site to find patterns and share your projects. Here are some hats I've done:

  4. I have seen all these on the group but they are still awesome to see!

    shel xx


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