Sunday, September 18, 2011

China Glaze Halloween 2011 Collection

Hey guys! The other day, my sister got me a present... The China Glaze Halloween set! Yay!

China Glaze's Halloween 2011 collection includes: It's Alive, Ghoulish Glow, Black Mesh, and Fast Forward Topcoat.

First, about the Fast Forward Topcoat.... I'm kinda loving it! It really did dry very quickly... This is going to be one of my go-to top coats now, along with Out The Door and Poshe. I dare say, I kinda like it better than Out The Door!

On to the swatches!

It's Alive: Moss/Olive Green glitter in a similar colored base. Reminiscent of last year's Zombie Zest, but with more pow. Lots more glitter in It's Alive, and 2 different size of glitter, where as Zombie Zest had one size and lots less of it. This is 2 coats.

Black Mesh: Blah blah black crackle blah. You've seen it before. I will say that I love the way this one crackles, rather  than the more linear look of OPI's. And it looks neat over It's Alive!

Ghoulish Glow: I layered one coat of Ghoulish Glow over It's Alive before I crackled it. A -very- subtle difference... it slightly changed the way the crackle crackled. I tried to find the glow under that black crackle, and I couldn't see it. I assume that I just didn't have enough. I know it glows, because the bottle glows. I'll be doing a post on it in the next few days, to compare to OPI's Glow in the Dark. I love glow-y! :D

Over all, a fun collection. I know there are 2 more polishes that were released, but I haven't seen them yet. I love It's Alive... I think China Glaze needs to make some more glitters like this!

Who can't wait for Halloween?! I know I can't! ;)

Oh, and just for fun, here are some pictures of me from this weekend... My baby sister colored my hair for me! I'm loving it! And I got to feed a Lorikeet at the zoo! :D


  1. with Ghoulish Glow (and most GITD) polishes you need like 3-4 coats to really get a good glow.

  2. That's what I figured. I'll be experimenting this week.

  3. I just received It's Alive and Haunting, they're so pretty! Can't wait to wear them.

  4. Cute pictures of you!!!!
    I need another fast drying top coat...I have to try this! thanks!

  5. Want that collection!!! Your hair looks great too :D


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