Sunday, September 11, 2011

Julep Stefani, and a Rainbows and Sparkles Blog Makeover!

Another Julep pretty for you today! Julep Stefani!

Julep  Stefani is a green-grey with gold shimmer... Absolutely gorgeous, and my wimpy point-and-shoot did her no justice! This is ONE coat!

As you can see on my ring finger, I had a bit of a devastating break. Would you believe that it was almost 2 weeks ago that it happened? It broke all the way into my nail bed, diagonally. It was such a break that I could pull it up and add some nail glue. It's held up quite well... The edge started to peel up, but I have since buffed it down, and it's unproblematic again. It's almost grown out... another 2mm or so and all should be gravy!

By the way, how do you like the new layout? I worked hard on it, seeing as my browser kept crashing out. I'm loving it! :D


  1. I LOVE the new browser! and I love one coaters. they take so much less effort and time.

  2. I love the new set-up; it goes perfectly with your blog name! Great job!

  3. It is a lovely polish! Love your new set up!

  4. Nice happy layout! I needed a lift on my screen right now. Thanks! Had not seen this Julep shade swatched before. Nice shade. I am into denim blues and grays big right now.


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