Saturday, September 3, 2011

LCN Magnetic Polish Starburst Magnet with Essence Hex! Hex! + Magic Wand

Happy Saturday! What do you have planned for your Labor Day Weekend? I have planned to.... Do absolutely nothing! Muaha.

Today, I opened my mail box to one of my biggest lemmings.... And it's NOT a polish! However, it is something that I -need- for some of my polishes.... The LCN Starburst Magnet for Magnetic Polishes! I have showed you Essence Magnetic Polishes before... My buddy Kati P. from the Netherlands is the best, and she made sure I had the whole set of the new Essence Magnetics. Ever since I heard of Magnetic polish, I have wanted the starburst magnet, which makes a star pattern instead of the typical striped pattern. Unfortunately, it's never been sold in the US.... until now! I ordered it. It was god awful expensive, but I couldn't help it. I had to!!

I used Essence Hex! Hex! (black) and Essence Magic Wand (pink).

As you can see, the LCN magnet is a bit nicer than the Essence magnet... It's very thick and much easier to use. With magnetic polishes, you paint on one coat, and you hold the magnet VERY close to the polish (closest you can get without touching) for about 15 seconds. There are magnetic particles in the polish that react WHILE IT IS WET... when the polish dries, it won't move anymore.

Here's the finished mani! It takes some practice to center the magnet, and if the coat is too thick or thin it won't work well. Also, as you can see on my pinky, it's really easy to hit the nail on the magnet. But overall, I love the effect! So fun! I'm going to experiment some more, and hopefully I'll get better and better. :)


  1. I'm so excited you got this magnet!! I've been anticipating the review, and I think it's awesome!!

  2. this is awesome i love the pattern :D

  3. Oohh that is a nice magnet! So cool!

  4. Lucky you to get hold of these over here in the states! I like the star a lot. These just seem to do 'it' better than the ones with the magnet on the cap.

  5. I just got my first magnetic polish and magnet... now I want the star!

  6. very cool! I just got hex hex the other day!


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