Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Boho Glam Julep Maven Intro Box!

Hey guys! I have something exciting to show you today! I finally got my first Julep Maven box today!

Julep Maven is a program that's sort of like Birchbox. It's a bit pricier ($20/month), but you get NAIL POLISH! Woo hoo! :D You take a profile quiz, and they sort you into different categories. Mine is Boho Glam! Here's what I got in my intro box:

The packaging was super cute! It came with a letter (with my name hand written in, aww!) welcoming me to the Maven program, along with a card explaining what I got in my box, and a sheet explaining more details about the maven program. The goodies came in a gift bag tied with a pink ribbon.

The goodies! The nail polishes were wrapped up in pink tissue paper. I got the Facial for Hands Glycolic  Scrub and some samples of their hand cream.

The polishes! In my Boho Glam box, I got Olivia, Julep Base Coat, and Miranda!

Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub. Full size! I have to say, this stuff is awesome! It smells SO good, and it left my hands very soft! I will be using this often. :)

For my first ever Julep manicure, I chose Julep Miranda. She dances between jade and seafoam green... a beautiful creme! 2 effortless coats, and they dried very quickly! (I didn't use a fast dry top coat, just to see how long it'd take. They were dry comepletely through in under 15 minutes!)

For $20, I think this is a great deal. Each polish (including the base coat) retails for $14 a piece on, and the hand scrub is $32. A great deal if you ask me! Now, the polishes, as great as they are, are a bit pricey... $14, and the bottles are smaller than the average bottle at .27 fl oz. I don't know that I would buy the polishes at full price, but to get this much for $20 a month? I'll take it! Plus, I love having little boxes to open! :)

There were some problems that people were having early on with a coding error in referral links... Many people were upset! I personally sent Julep an email regarding this issue, and the response that I got from Jane was very heartfelt and sweet! I think the way they handled the issue was great, and I hope that they have no problems in the future!

Want to sign up for your own Julep Maven box? You can do so here!


  1. you got good colors! i didn't like mine. i'm trading them for colors i do like tho :)

  2. Oh gosh I love the colors you got. I'm IT Girl but I'm pretty sure I need these colors too. They are so gorgeously pigmented!

  3. Miranda looks really great on you. I keep hearing nothing but great things about Julep's hand scrub. I use one that is pumpkin enzyme that smells amazing!

  4. The color looks pretty on you. Im glad they were good to you

  5. Gotta love presents in the mail each month! Miranda looks good on you!

  6. ohhh Miranda looks really good on you! wish I had had a better experience with them.


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