Monday, September 5, 2011

Nicole by OPI Virtuous Violet - Matte

Hey guys! Another untried for you today. I have a ton of them, so I'm trying my best to work my way through without repeating. Today I have a polish that I picked up at Marshalls for a steal.... they had Nicole by OPI colors 2 for $7!

This is the Matte formula of Nicole by OPI Virtuous Violet.

A gorgeous grape purple with silver shimmer. Like most Matte polishes I've used, the first coat was funky, but the second one went on nice and evenly, and of course, it dried super fast. 

I wasn't into the Matte look, so I added a coat of Out The Door.

It deepened the color a bit and made it super shiny. LOVE! Also, I'm impressed.... Usually, Matte polishes are notorious for their quick-to-chip tendencies, but I've had this on for a little over 24 hours with no chips! Woot!


  1. I got 2 of these mattes at Marshalls too. Mine were blues. "No Limits" and "Respect The World." I like this purple though!

  2. pretty sparkly purple! i don't own any mattes...nor do i own any NOPIs. hehe

  3. Wow.. love it matte!! Haven't seen this!

  4. That polish looks great matte! New follower by the way!

  5. this is gorgeous! i normally don't like matte but i love this :D

  6. I also as Irishenchantment said - not a fan of mattes - but like this one and now have bought about 5 mattes myself - but I tend to always put a shinny clear coat over them - they look different than their counterparts if they have one in shinny like Russian Navy matte. You see a whole different shade when you use the mattes clear topper or non.

  7. I love the NOPI Matte. This is such a cute color. I have No Limits Matte. I a new matte lover!


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