Sunday, September 25, 2011

Revlon Not So Blueberry

Hey guys! A pretty one to show you today... Revlon Not So Blueberry! This color is seriously gorgeous... and it's scented! It smells like.... if there was a Blueberry Jolly Rancher. It's awesome!

This is a gorgeous lavender frost with light blue duo-chrome. It also seems to have some pretty silver flecks through out. This is 2 coats, although I could have gotten away with 1. 2 coats definitely made the scent stronger! Gorgeous gorgeous! This is definitely one of my favorite polishes in my collection!


  1. This is my favorite scented revlon polish!! It's sooo pretty and it does smell amazing!!

  2. Yay! An internet gathering of people who like how this polish smells! \o/
    I was feeling like a freak because so many don't, lol.

  3. This is the 1 of 2 that I got out of the Revlon scented metallic when I was pleased with the few scented sparkles I got. I am kind of surprised with Revlon of late - never thought I would ever pick up another Revlon ever again. I grew up with nothing but that and Maybelline and Revlon was not so great. Funny that some of the shades they still have in their main line are shades they had in the 70's which is about the last time I ever used Revlon.

  4. I got this one back before I was a polish hoarder- I used to keep swatches on paper in my polish tubs. That baby smelled for at least 4 months!


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