Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Woah~ Amber is the color of your energy~"

Hey guys! I hope you're having a wonderful start to the weekend! The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous... Fall is in the air!

Today's post is full of Amber Spam! My "Amber Polish" collection started with Zoya Amber... but this week, I found two more! Revlon Alluring Amber, and China Glaze In Awe of Amber! I guess I'm lucky that my mom named me a name that is also a pretty color! (Thanks mom!)

China Glaze In Awe of Amber: I picked this gem up at Sally's on clearance for $1.99. It reminds me of crystalized honey! So beautiful. It was just a tad bit sheer at 3 coats.

Zoya Amber: When I first started LOVING Zoya, I knew I had to get this color! Zoya describes her as "a soft gold frost metallic with strong amber-orange undertones and a fine gold shimmer". I love it! So soft and pretty! At 3 coats, there was still just a bit of VNL.

Revlon Alluring Amber: A super bright, pumpkin orange. This one definitely leans more orange than amber. Great, super-pigmented coverage at just 2 coats. This one would be great for stamping!

I hope you all enjoyed the spam of me! And, for your listening enjoyment:


  1. Very pretty colors you have! I don't think I have any colors with my name Sonia... lol

  2. look at all those ambers! i wish there was a polish with my name somewhere lol

    i think i like the revlon one best :)

  3. Ooh pretty pretty! And good song. I saw them in concert. I like the Zoya the best.

  4. I picked up "In Awe Of Amber" for 1.99 at Sally's too. I haven't got to try it yet myself, it's nice to see it swatched, pretty color.

    There needs to be "Andrea" polishes.

  5. The lyrics in the title made me want to read :) I love that song! The colors are great too. The China Glaze is my favorite.

  6. I love the China glaze one. Of course Amber is the greatest name out there :)
    Also pretty ironic that my Bday is on 3/11 so I think that song was written just for me. LOL

  7. Hey Amber! Weird, my birthday is on 3/14! March is a good month for Amber's! :D

    Also, lots of 311 fans! :) I've always been a fan of this song... But I might be biased! :D

  8. So how come Zoya has no Susan??? I would be fine with a Suzie even!!!


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