Saturday, October 1, 2011

Essie Carry On

I recently did a swap with my friend Mary! She wanted one of my polish necklaces, and I wanted a surprise! So she picked out my very first Essie's for me! She picked Wrapped in Rubies, Midnight Cami, and Carry On! I decided to use Carry On as my very first Essie that I've ever used ever.... so here it is!

Carry On is a blackened plum creme. It dries much darker on the nail than it does in the bottle... In fact, it looks very vampy on the nail. The last picture there shows it close to how it looks outside... It was very hard to capture! I love it though... It's a perfect fall color! I will probably use this as my next pedicure! This was just 2 coats. I found the Essie formula very easy to work with, although the brush was a bit problematic. I prefer a more flat brush, so rounder ones always give me trouble. Over-all though, I'm very pleased!

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  1. I've been really drawn to this one, but seeing it on you makes me think it's really close to my all time favorite OPI, Lincoln Park After Dark. So perfect and autumn-y!

  2. I love this color - it also makes a great pedicure color!

  3. I couldn't wait to get this color, but like you's so much darker on your nails than in the bottle. It looks great on you, though. If the sun were shinning all the time, I'd love it on me too :)

  4. I'm so glad you like it! I liked Midnight Cami the best I think tho. This one IS pretty close to OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and William Tell Me About OPI but I think Carry On is blacker.

    Both would make awesome fall/winter pedi colors!

  5. If you have any of the Kleancolor chunky holos... those look uh-mazing over those vampy colors!

  6. You got 3 great Essie shades - welcome to the Essie group now! It's equally addictive as other brands. I love the little square bottles with their white caps. They fit well into my plastic storage bins.

    Had not thought about this one here being close to Willam Tell Me About OPI - I have not had it on since last March I think...but William is a fav toe shade of mine.

  7. I recently purchased this and haven't worn it yet - and I'm dying to! This looks great on you. :)


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