Sunday, October 9, 2011

Incoco Nail Polish Applique in Sweetie Pie: Photos & Review

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekend has been great so far!

The great folks at Incoco were kind enough to send me some of their Nail Polish Appliques! I am so excited to show these to you guys! They are much like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects that I've reviewed before, but this time, I remembered to take pictures of the application!

Before I show you pictures, I wanted to tell you a few great things about the Incoco strips, as well as a few discernable differences between the Incoco strips and the Sally Hansen strips:

  • The Price: I think it's great that the Incoco strips are cheaper than Sally Hansen, at $8 vs Sally's $10. 
  • The Designs: I love the designs that they offer!! They have a selection of solid color strips, as well as patterned designs, and something new, French tips! The design selection is great... so much variety and all very wearable!
  • The Application: After using both brands, I can say that the Incoco strips were much easier to apply. SH's strips are a bit stiff, where as Incoco's are much thinner and very flexible, which makes them easier to adjust to the size of your nail. 
Now, onto the pictures!

Here are 2 of the 3 designs they sent me: Oscar Night and Disco Queen.

These are the instructions that came with the kit... They are very clear with illustrations, and also have instructions in many different languages.

The kit comes with 16 strips... The strips are double sided, so there are actually 16 size options for each hand! To start, you select the size you need for a finger, and detach it from the rest. The design I chose is called "Sweetie Pie"... Shimmery pink with pearly white polka dots!

 You peel the clear covering off of the strip...

And then you peel the polish strip from the paper backing...

Pull off the tab on the end, and line an end up with the line of your cuticle. I tried both lining up from the middle, and lining up from the side, and both worked well. I found myself usually starting from the middle. I smoothed down the middle first, then smoothed either side:

 Here's what it looks like when it's all smooth:

After it's all smooth, you pull the end of the strip around the edge of your nail and, using the file provided with the kit, gently file away the excess. I went back after filing and, using the flat side of the mini orange stick in the kit, smoothed all of the edges of the strip around my cuticle. Then you're all done!

Easy enough, right? It only took me about 12 minutes to do all of my nails, and they turned out great!


After I was all done, I actually had enough strips left to do another manicure (cutting a few strips in half). The other cool thing about the Incoco kit is that it comes with some silver tape to seal the envelope back up when you're done, so you can save the strips without drying out! Also, by the way, there is a larger strip... big enough for a big toe! :)

Overall, I am loving these strips! The designs are super cute... You have to check them out! I'm going to do a post again in about 4 days to let you know how they're holding up... and again right before I take them off. I hope you enjoy my scheduled posts until then!

**These products were provided by the company to review in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.**


  1. That is SUPER cute! I like the idea that they're not stiff like the Sally ones, (and the price difference, too). Where are they available for purchase?


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