Thursday, October 20, 2011

KOH Black Stars!

I got another awesome swap from my favorite swapping buddy, Kati! I always feel bad when I get her packages, because I always feel like her packages are SO much cooler than the ones I send her! She says this isn't the case, but seriously.... her packages are totally awesome!

This is my "surprise polish" that she got me... It's KOH Black Stars! KOH is a Dutch brand that sells amazing polishes in cute little bottles! This polish... I.... There are no words!! It's simply stunning!

No Flash

No Flash

Look at that sparkle! Black Stars is a black, almost jelly-ish base with holographic fleck glitters and iridescent flakies! This is 3 coats, but it was opaque in 2. (I got sheet marks because I didn't use a topcoat before I went to bed :(  ) This is so absolutely gorgeous! I can't thank Kati enough... she is the best!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the KOH came with that cute little carrying case, and it had a tiny fan inside! hah!

Thank you Kati!!! <3 <3


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