Sunday, October 16, 2011

L'Oreal Owl's Night

Hello! I hope your weekend was wonderful! Today I have the most coveted L'Oreal Owl's Night to show you... If you've been able to find this, lucky you! I have found it once, and since then it's nowhere to be found! If you haven't heard of it, do I have a treat to show you!

Owl's Night  is a murky greenish-brown base with olive green/gold... maybe glass flecks? (Ugh, I'm bad at describing finishes, and I'm a little bit tipsy at the moment!) It's such a unique color... I don't have anything like this in my collection! And it's my first L'Oreal... Definitely not a disappointment! This is just 2 coats. I'm telling you... if you can find this polish, snatch it up!

This weekend has been fun for me... I am hanging out with Sarah from Samarium's Swatches this weekend, and we got some great things to show you guys! We had a blast. :) I always love it when she comes to town!

How was your weekend? Would you ever hang out with someone you've met online?


  1. I have been seeing this polish a lot lately in the blog world! Very pretty! Actually I have been talking to one other blogger that lives in my area. We will probably get together soon!

  2. I was fortunate enough to snag this polish while it was still available, along with Owl's Lust (which is an awesome muddy brick red). Today I went back and snagged Amazon's Flare (a bubble gum pink) and Raven's Dream (a very pale pink) when I was looking for Revlon's Fierce. Funny how that happens...

    My weekend was average. I worked Saturday and someone called in so we were a person short. Thankfully we weren't that busy so it was all good.

    I would DEFINITELY hang out with someone I met online.In fact I will probably meet up with some gals this spring!

  3. LOL I'm putting this color on right now as I'm catching up on blogs... I agree this was a hard one to find!!! I only saw it in the display at BB&B (where I promptly bought it).

  4. Nice color. It seems like an exact dupe of China Glaze's Wagontrail.

  5. Yep, I thought of China Glaze Wagon Trail too when I saw this. What do you think Amber?

  6. I haven't actually seen Wagon Trail in person, but from what I've seen on other's blogs, it's very close. L'Oreal's might have a bit more green.... It's certainly a gorgeous finish!

  7. I love this color. I happened upon it recently, but I'm glad I grabbed it, I didn't realize it was hard to find now! Did you notice the glitter coming out more when you swiped it with remover? I did, crazy sauce! I almost liked it more that way.

  8. I did notice that! That happens a lot with these foil-y type finishes.... The base color removes first, showing more of the shimmer underneath! It looks really cool!


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