Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish: Trafalgar Square

Fun things! When Sarah was visiting last weekend, we went on a quest to find Nails Inc Magnetic polish at Sephora! We found it in the Green Hills mall in Nashville! I picked up both of the 2 shades they had: Trafalgar Square and Houses of Parliament.

I know a lot of people have trouble getting the Essence magnetics to work well, myself included. I did find that a few things helped me, after playing around with the Essence ones and my new Nails Inc pretties: First, shake the polish very well to evenly distribute the magnetic particles. Then, paint one coat of the polish on all nails, and let it dry. Then, apply another very thick coat one nail at a time, and hold the magnet over them. This method worked well for me, and I hope it helps you!

Today, I decided to show you the mani I did with Trafalgar Square, which is a shimmery steel grey.

I used the Nails Inc magnet on every finger except my ring finger... on which I used my LCN Starburst magnet. These polishes seriously work so well! Not only that, they tend to have kind of a 3D effect when you move your nail... The lines move! Unlike the Essence magnet that gives a striped pattern, the Nails Inc magnet makes a wavy pattern. Also, I love the design of the magnet. It's attached to the "outer cap", which slides on and off of the normal brush cap. It also has a ridge on the side of the magnet that you place on your cuticle, so you don't have to "hover" the magnet like you do with other brands.

The price on the Nails Inc magnetics is a bit steep at $16 per bottle, but if you're wanting to play around with magnetics, it's totally worth it!


  1. Now I wish I got both! Think I'll order it with the the code from the Friends & Family Sale!!


  2. I am loving magnetics right now! This one looks awesome!


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