Friday, October 28, 2011

Zoya Jancyn

Hey guys! I hope your week has been great! I have been sick all week with this sinus infection crap.... I really hope it moves out soon! My ribcage sounds posessed! D:

Here is another one of my Zoya Untrieds for you, Zoya Jancyn. Orange has never been  my thing, nor has yellow. I'm just not drawn to orange. With that being said, Jancyn is the perfect pumpkin orange! I got so many compliments on this color, which blows my mind. I wear holographics, duochromes, and the most gorgeous shimmers.... and I get compliments on a bright orange creme?!

This is 3 coats of Jancyn. The formula was a little bit wonky and patchy, as yellows and oranges tend to be, but it leveled out at 3 coats. I meant to add some cute black stamping, but decorating for the halloween party at work kinda destroyed it, so Jancyn remained chipped and undecorated. :(

Happy Friday!

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