Thursday, November 24, 2011

8 Days of Julep: Julep Amy

Hello again! And HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! Do you have big plans today? We are going to THREE family's houses today... we will be running all over! But I'm very excited... I love Thanksgiving and I love turkey! What are you thankful for today? I am thankful for my husband, my family and friends, and for my life!!

Have you enjoyed the Julep love in my posts so far this week? I have another for you... Julep Amy!

 Amy is THE perfect dusty sky blue! It makes me think of the perfect cloudless day... Just gorgeous! The coverage was great, with just 2 coats. It dried to a neat satin finish... not quite matte and not quite gloss. It was very flattering and pretty!

I hope you're ready.... because there's more Julep coming your way! Which ones are your fav's so far?  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous color, I agree! I've never tried any of their polishes. I'll have to take a look!

  2. Such a pretty blue! I wonder how this compares to Zoya Robyn?


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