Friday, November 25, 2011

8 Days of Julep: Julep Catherine

Hey guys! How was your Turkey Day? Mine was great... I had 2 families to visit, and we brought home tons of left overs! Also, despite years of saying that I would NEVER do it again, I actually went Black Friday shopping! Michaels had a great deal on Cricut machines and cartridges, so I bought my Christmas present while my hubby was working! I got a Cricut Expressions 2 for $199 that came with 4 cartridges, plus the cartridges were on sale for $25 a piece! I'm so excited, but the hubby won't let me  play until I open it on Christmas. Hah!

Anyway, back to the Julep! Here is Julep Catherine!

Catherine is a perfect red jelly creme. This showed just a bit of VNL after 2 coats, but it was a lot less noticeable than it shows in the pictures. I got Catherine in a Holiday set on $48 for Catherine, another polish that slips my mind at the moment, a glass file, Facial for Hands scrub, cuticle oil, and the cute make-up bag that I missed out on when I picked the Polish Lovers option this month! It was really a great deal!

Remember, you can get lots of Julep goodies sent to you each month by becoming a Julep Maven!


  1. Don't you just wish they would change the bottle shape? I keep tipping it over when I polish! Just found your blog! Am a new follower!


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